Weightlifting Robot, Surprised Android, and More From IROS 2017

Japanese researchers are developing a disaster-response humanoid robot that can climb ladders, crawl through rubble, and lift 120 kilograms.

Another year, another massive amount of awesome robot research presented at IROS! If you’ve missed our coverage this week, check out our stories on transforming dodecapods, skydiving robotic cameras, and humanoids that don’t mind falling down.

And we’re not done. We’ll be bringing you many more IROS posts over the next week or two, and today we’re stuffing Video Friday with 20 IROS videos along with their titles, authors, and abstracts. Note that this is an arbitrary selection: If your video is not here, it doesn’t mean we didn’t like your robot; in fact, we like all robots. But we had to pick these 20 because we didn’t want to crash your browser by embedding all 494 videos, right? ?


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